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Since he was young, Alessio Benetti has been working in the field of Venetian craftsmanship at the Atelier di costumi storici di famiglia (a small artisan company that works in the field of artistic craftsmanship, with particular attention to the world of fashion and trendy accessories).
Passionate about practical artistic work, he dedicated himself to the creation of historical jewellery for the Atelier and was soon discovered by fashion houses of the calibre of Paul Smith and Antonio Marras.
He dedicated himself to creating trendy accessories for famous artists. Numerous fashion shows and events around the world give him maturity, experience and professionalism.
Among the most formative experiences we remember :
- 2001 parade in Moscow for the Moscow Festival of Culture and Theater
- 2001- 2002-2003 Parade event in Beijing - China - Festival of World Cultures
- 2004 Organisation of events and supervision of the inauguration of COEX, Seoul - South Korea Foreign Exhibitions Building
- 2008 exports culture and tradition to Albania with the project on the Lion Wings with the patronage of the Municipality of Venice
- In the following years numerous events including the creation of sets for the Grand Venetian Masquerade Ball in Montecarlo and the inauguration with events and parades of the new Casino' in Salzburg, as well as collaboration and organization of events for the Venice Carnival.

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